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Mistakes to Avoid when Dealing with Direct Lenders

06/07/2012 15:16

Whether you need extra money to pay for an unexpected home or car repair bill or just to tide you over until your next payday, you can get instant cash from lenders who provide payday loans in one hour.01 Regardless of credit scores, anybody can apply for the loans provided they meet the basic requirements such as currently in a stable job with a steady income and a valid checking account. The checking account is important as the funds will be transferred electronically to the account and also for repayment purposes. Besides, the borrower should be a US citizen above the age of 18 years. Those who meet these requirements and who opt for the payday loans with no credit checks and no faxing features can assess funds as quickly as in an hour. Since payday loans are an advance from you upcoming paycheck the duration of the loan is for a short term, 2-3 weeks only. Payday loans are a quick solution to short-term cash problems. visit homepage